The Lennon Wall in Prague Czech Republic, 2016.

The year 2020 marked a 40th anniversary for things that have stood the test of time. Post-it notes were introduced to the public, Rubik’s Cube made its global launch, The Empire Strikes Back debuted, and 40 years ago, my husband and I got married. Later that year, we moved from…

Little did I know, and “out of the blue,” I was about to have a heart attack caused by a blockage of my Left Anterior Descending artery, the kind medical experts term “the widow maker.”

Few life experiences described as unremarkable merit high approval. A doctor’s appointment that concludes with unremarkable written in the medical chart is one. A seamless, multi-stop transatlantic airline flight is another.

I had just landed at John F. Kennedy International Airport after one such unremarkable flight, my husband of 36…

Good parenting and Broadway swings focus on the same skills, according to this millennial mom who knows.

At a moment’s notice, successful Broadway swings* juggle many tasks, think on their feet, maintain a cool head in emergencies, demonstrate good health practices, are good listeners, build positive relationships, and have tons of patience. If these skills sound like good parenting, for one Broadway actress, they are.

Lauryn Ciardullo…

Not a couch potato among ‘em: my in-laws, grandson, and cousins reading on my daughter’s couch.

Sunday is National Grandparents Day, a holiday that was first created in 1978 and is celebrated every year on the first Sunday after Labor Day. This year it falls on September 10, and it gives me pause to consider the relationships between grandparents and grandchildren in my own life. …

Photo credit ©Fernando Solier.

Career-minded moms make childcare, breastfeeding and work doable — with a twist.

When first-time mom Nicole planned to return to work as director of strategic accounts for a commercial interiors manufacturer in New York City, she figured a nanny for her 3-month-old son would be the best fit for her…

Only two cars ever occupied our driveway. (Except for a brief period in the girls’ last year of high school when the snowbird grandparents loaned them a perfectly good four-door Toyota Camry and the girls returned it as a three-door. At least no one got hurt.)

My son bought a new car. That’s almost true. My husband co-signed the documents with the understanding that my son would be responsible for gas, maintenance, insurance and monthly payments. A new car is a non-event in the tony hamlet we have called home for over 20 years, one of…

Emmi S. Herman

Copywriter by day. Stories by life. At work on a memoir about my sister. Otherwise in a car somewhere between NY and NJ.

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